It’s The Little Things

Food sensitivities. Texture sensitivities. Noise sensitivities. Visual sensitivities.

Sometimes, it’s enough to drive a parent crazy. Yes, that is a confession-sometimes it drives ME crazy! But after a moment (or an evening of time-out for mommy) I pull myself together and try to remind myself that these are REAL struggles for my child, not a strategy to drive mommy to drink (but if you do, I don’t judge. It’s hard)

Growing up, I had sensitivities too. Clothing. I hated hated HATED with the heat of a thousand suns, clothes shopping. Every single trip ended with my mom and me crying in the dressing room. Looking back, my mom probably could have used a time-out as well. It was stressful and traumatic. Everything was sharp, itchy, scratchy, ouchy, too tight, too loose, too EVERYTHING!

I had a dream, to start a clothes line that looked cute on the outside, but was comfy on the inside. I even designed a wedding dress with gym shorts and a tee underneath. It was pretty stylish, if you like wedding dresses designed by an 8 year old 🙂
*I also designed tennis shoes inside of dress shoes. I still think that is a million dollar idea.


This article links to an AMAZING concept for sensory kids and disabled kids. Clothes that they WILL wear, that they CAN put on. Revolutionary, right? I love that this momma took her vision for independence for her own child, and made a product that benefits LOTS of kids. Check it out!

What kind of ideas or dreams do you have that could change someones life? Tell me about it in the comments below:)


Censorship and Access to Alternative Health Care

We all like things safe, right? And there is a place in our society for laws that protect us from other’s lack of sense.

But now, things are getting a little wild out there.

I am sharing a great blog with you all to read, called “censorship”. Its great. Go check it out, and come back to chat if you like 🙂

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